About Us

The Kennels

We are based in the beautiful countryside of Twineham, West Sussex. The kennels that we occupy were purpose built by us in March 2005. 
The kennels can hold 32 dogs for homing, but realistically we have about 29 at any one time. We have two outside fields that the dogs are continually turned out in throughout the course of the day.
We also have some reliable and trusted dog walkers who take the dogs out along local bridleways. The dogs are generally housed in pairs for company, if we have enough dogs we will always do this.

About our Greyhounds

The dogs are groomed and have their teeth cleaned at least twice a week and are neutered/spayed prior to leaving, so they are immaculate for their new owners. We also worm all the dogs regularly and give them flea treatments too.

Why choose a greyhound?

We believe that all greyhounds deserve a life after racing. Despite popular misconceptions greyhounds are:

•Gentle and adaptable, making them ideal family pets for all ages.
•Lazy couch potatoes needing only two, twenty minute walks a day, although they will go further!
•When re-homed responsibly, they can live in harmony with other pets including cats!
•Totally addictive - once you've owned a greyhound you'll never be without one!


If you would like to home one of the Greyhounds please take a look at our current residents and contact the kennels to arrange to come and meet them. 

In Memoriam

Jenny Bunting


It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Jenny Bunting a stalwart and founder member of the Trust in 1978. 

As a Trustee for over 40 yrs, Jennys enthusiasm for the care and homing of Retired Greyhounds knew no bounds, often to the detriment of her own finances! Her dedication to the cause resulted in the opening of the kennels we now occupy following the closure of the previous facilty at Deneholme in 2004.


A pioneer in the world of Veterinary Surgeons, Jenny was one of the first women to qualify as a vet in this country. 

She dedicated her life to the health and welfare of greyhounds and received a Lifetime Acheivement Award at the prestigious National Ceva Animal Welfare Awards in 2018.