Advice and Support

Brighton Retired Greyhound Trust is committed to providing support to all our dogs and homes for life.


Care Guidelines

We have developed care guidelines on topics including bringing your new dog home, feeding your dog, caring for their health, and much more. Read our Fact Sheets on a wide range of care topics here:

Factsheets and Downloads

Our fact sheets and downloads answer some of the most common dog behaviour and training questions we are asked about sighthounds.  Each fact sheet is free to download and has been written by one of our qualified behaviour team.

In the meantime, if you are experiencing any issues with your Brighton Retired Greyhound Trust dog, please call us on 07704 982140 or email us at:



1: Greyhounds as Pets

Why is a Greyhound the best dog for you?


2: Bringing your new dog home

Advice on helping your hound settle into their new home.


3: The first night at home

Handy tips for a quiet and settled first night with your new Greyhound.


4: Responsible dog ownership

Everything you need to know about your legal duties as a dog owner.


5: Spending time alone

How to help your dog feel comfortable on their own at home.


6: Greyhounds and Children

Important information for the safety of children living with Greyhounds.


7: Issues around food resources

Ex-racing and working dogs can sometimes feel worried about sharing precious resources such as toys and food.


8: Greyhounds and Muzzles

Advice on use of the muzzle


9:Meeting other Dogs

Information and advice on dog-dog behaviour, and helping your dog socialise happily with other dogs.


10: Toilet Training

A handy guide on how to ensure your dog chooses to toilet outside.