Meet the Hounds



If you are interested in homing any of the hounds below please contact the kennels directly on 07704982140 for more information.


4 year old female

Ivy is a nervous girl who has been in two previous homes, she has been returned both times due to her nervousness and separation anxiety. She would suit a quiet, adult only rural home with potentially another dog to give her some confidence. She will need her own secure garden as it will take time before Ivy will be able to be walked. Ivy will need someone with time and patience and will need to come and meet her multiple times at the kennels so she gets to know her prospective owners.

5 year old female

Ariana is a shy girl, once she gets to know you can be very cheeky! She is a pretty girl and such a sweetheart. She will require an adult only, quiet home and will need a patient family who can come and visit her a few times so she gets to know them.


4 year old male

Tommy is a large boy who is super friendly and loves attention. He is energetic but soon calms down and not a nervous boy at all. He gets on well with his female kennel mates and loves his food!


3 year old male

Otis is a sweet boy who can initially be quite shy. He retired from racing due to a broken hock which has since been repaired. He would benefit from a quieter household with no young children and a family who do shorter walks. He isnt keen on men but is cheeky with the ladies!


5 year old male

Barney is a stunning boy who has previously had a broken hock- this was some years ago and is now all healed. He is a shy boy so it will take him some time to trust his new owners. He is good with his kennel mates and would benefit from being homed with another dog to help build his confidence. Barney would suit a quieter, adult only home who can give him time and patience to let him adapt into retired life.


6 year old male

Taz is a gorgeous boy. He can be energetic and loves his food! He gets along well with his female kennel mates and loves a cuddle. He is a real affectionate boy. Taz can be strong on the lead but does settle down once he starts walking. 

4 year old male

Louis is a handsome boy who has been with us at the kennels for over a year and we cant understand why! He is such a lovable boy (Lovable Louis) and he has a very waggy tail! He is a bit head shy but the kennel staff have been working on this and he is much improved. Louis will certainly make the best companion.

3 year old female

Ellie is a beautiful girl who can be shy to begin with but soon warms to you once she knows attention is involved! Her new owners will require some patience and they may have to visit more than once prior to adoption so she gets to know them. She would suit a adult only home, potentially with older children who can respect her and give her space.

2 year old female

Candy is a stunning girl who is shy at first but once she gets to know you is very cheeky. She would benefit from a quiet home with a family who can give her time and space to adapt to retired life.


5 year old male

Ted is a large boy who is very confident. He is very lovable and loves attention. He would suit being the only dog in the home.


4 year old male

Rio is a stunning boy who is really loving. He retired from racing due to sustaining a broken hock approximately 1 year ago. He is doing well and you wouldnt even notice it. He would prefer a family who dont do regular long walks.


4 year old female

Naomi is a smaller girl who is very friendly and has a sweet face and a very waggy tail. She retired from racing due to being disqualified. She will certainly make the most perfect pet.


5 year old female

Cilla is a beautiful girl who is very gentle and loving and loves a cuddle. Just look at that face! She is reactive to other breeds of dog so her new owner will have to be mindful of this.


3 year old male

If you are looking for a fully grown puppy look no further! Sharky is a stunning large boy and he definitely knows it. He is very playful, loving and simply gorgeous.


3 year old male

Diable is a pretty boy who is really happy and friendly. He is very sweet and gentle.


3 year old female

Daphne is a small pretty girl who has a really sweet nature. She can be a little timid but loves attention once she gets to know you.


3 year old female

Ginny is a pretty girl who is very friendly and has the most gorgeous eyes.


3 year old male

Aldo is a sweet boy who loves attention and gives the best cuddles. Just look at those ears!


5 year old male

Master only arrived with us very recently so we are still learning about his personality. Initially he seems shy but can tell he is really trying to be friends.


4 year old female

Cat has only just arrived at the kennels so we are still learning about her personality. She is a pretty smaller girl who is really gentle.